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Shannon Burleson's Thoughts About the Program 

Jumpstart is a valuable part of our son's life.  Since being a part of this dynamic program, Matthew has changed-and for the better.  Not that we have ever had any issues with Matthew, but we have seen how this program has contributed positively to many areas of his growth and development since he started.  Jumpstart provides and promotes a positive experience for all students involved-but it doesn't stop when the program ends.  These kids are engaged in a type of fellowship that sadly, we do not see much these days and because of this fellowship, they are able to bring something back into their schools and their homes that not only makes them better, but our communities as well.  The level of outreach that your program provides is something that I believe all of these children will carry forward as they become young adults and will continue to make a positive impact moving through life.


Since being involved in Jumpstart, we have also seen Matthew grow and develop socially.  You may not believe this, but our son used to be a kind of shy kid who didn't really engage or interact with other kids that much; We would be out and about and run into other students from school and he didn't really seem comfortable striking up a conversation or interacting with his peers, but now, he has definitely come out of that shell, found his voice and has made many new friends-Jumpstart is like an extended family to our son, and also to us, too.  Oftentimes as parents we become very wrapped up in the day to day of that work/life balance that is so important and running our household that we too can lose touch with fellowship.  Your inclusion of us in these activities is huge because we can step out of that robotic routine that is life sometimes and engage in something that is not only fun, but provides an opportunity to reconnect with our kids outside of the box-so important-especially in today's culture and the challenges we are faced with as families.  


Matthew's approach to school has changed as well.  He is a bright student, always has been, but he takes so much pride in his classwork now and a great deal of that is due to the efforts of yourself, the tutors and mentors provided through Jumpstart.  The positive feedback that everyone gives is priceless and I have seen first hand how that can impact a child's approach and their level of effort.  We strive to encourage our children to do their very best, and that alongside your encouragement has been very beneficial.


Our son as well as the other children who participate in this valuable program has reaped the benefits of your fellowship, positive presence in the community and encouragement and we cannot thank you enough for this valuable service you provide to us.

~ Shannon Burleson