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Starting any new program on your church campus can seem daunting. You need to get the pastor on board, establish a small starter team, help the church see your vision, gather funds, establish connections with schools, and in some cases you might have to have a committee or church council approve funds or the program's creation to move forward. HELP!

All of this is very doable and much easier when you have someone in your corner who has done all this before and helped other churches also navigate this process. It is also incredibly beneficial to be able to point to other Jumpstart: Mentoring for Success programs and tell your congregation the successes they are enjoying by having a purposeful feeder ministry on campus that brings new families into your sphere of influence. 


The first step is a phone consultation that helps me get to know your church, congregation, and community better so we can get you started with a to-do list. This includes getting your pastor and/or key leadership on board. Part of the Jumpstart Package includes help with these big conversations. In some instances, it might be pertinent to have a phone/skype conference between myself, you, and your pastor or a small team of key leadership to get approval to get started. It can be hard on churches that already might feel like their budget is stretched to think about starting new ministries, so having a first hand account of the successes can help them understand the vision. Once we get approval, then the fun starts from there.

"We've got no money but we want to get started." Money for ministries can be the barrier that screams DEAL BREAKER. But this should definitely not be the reason you or your church considers not to move forward. The package includes fundraising guidance and communication training to help you ROCK at building funds for your program. When I decided to start the first Jumpstart: Mentoring for Success program, I had NO money to get started, but I did have a deep faith and a vision that reaching the community is what God was calling me to do. Through your training, we will set goals, think through the best fundraising strategies in your situation, and work through some techniques to help you put money in the bank.  


"I want to get started but our church doesn't have a youth or children's worker." This is actually super exciting! Many churches do not have regular interactions with children on their campus. Jumpstart gives you an almost immediate starter youth group. In this instance, your church would decide to hire a part-time youth worker to run the program and possibly throw once a month "Connect" events that are fellowship/discipleship based. 


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