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Meeting new unchurched youth is a challenge. Jumpstart: Mentoring for Success is an intentional hands-on feeder ministry that helps you build lasting relationships with families in the community.

Jumpstart: Mentoring for Success is a turnkey academic-boosting program which connects high school student mentors with in-need middle school students once a week. The starter package provides you with everything you need, including consultation services, to help you start and run your own program with the partner school you choose. The Jumpstart model has proven successful in helping build relationships with students in the community, their families, neighboring schools, and volunteers. The materials and guidance provided help you stop guessing start actually building your dreams for the community. The elements of the program can be customized to your church's needs, venue, and gifts.

 Natasha Manns, 14 

 Student in Jumpstart 

 Nick Browne, 18

 Tutor in Jumpstart 

 Nick Browne, 18 

 Tutor in Jumpstart 

Shannon Burleson

Stepmother of Matthew Burleson

Student in Jumpstart  

 I have been in Jumpstart for three years and it is definitely my second home. Jumpstart helped me build team and communication skills, plus meet new people which I used to struggle doing. When I started, I was unable to be in the school choir because it was held during my intensive reading class. So for three years now I have been singing in the church choir. 

What I love about Jumpstart is that it pushes everyone to be a leader and you are expected to be a role model. I think it has made me grow better for it. I also love the community. Everyone feels like a family, like we've known each other for years. I've made some of my best friends in Jumpstart. They even helped me get scholarships to start school.

Matthew is very intelligent but has always struggled to focus. He has loved coming to Jumpstart and working with his tutor, Andres, every week.


We also love having Mrs. Emily as a resource. We have called her so many times when Matthew starts slipping behind and she has made sure he gets done what he needs to. We feel like we have a partner in helping us parent.  

Jumpstart is another family for us. We come for family nights (WE ROCKED FAMILY FUED!) and my husband Andrew had a blast with Matthew at the Boys' Nerf Guns Wars. It helps us slow down and just enjoy each other as a family.